A beginners guide to skin surface piercings


well ive only got one tattoo so far but piercings and tattoos are beautiful but you have to be really careful in when getting a tattoo or piercing cause the person whos ethier tattooing you or piercing you has to know what there doing cause sometimes u can have the area or ur body become desensitized and damaged forever, ive seen pictures of disasters where people have gotten piercings and realise that the piercing has gotten infected or the person has gotten ink poisoning, hep a, b or c or even hiv from not properly sterlised needles,
but a beginners guide well let me start
when choosing a tattoo or a piercing you should really read up on it or talk too people who already have gotten a piercing or tattoo cause theres one thing to remember with piercings if u doing like it u can remove it but with a tattoo once you get it your stuck with it so have to choose one which reflects you and which would be appesing to other people where if for example you get one which you like but other people dont and eventually you change your mind in the choice of picture than youve made a huge mistake in getting a tattoo


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