A guide to nail strengtheners and nail strengthening systems


Everyone wants to have strong beautiful nails, but unfortunately many of us have problematic brittle nails.


There are now many options available to treat your nails at home and to improve their health.

1. Nail Strengthening Lacquers Nail strengtheners typically are sold in bottles and can be added to your nails in a similar way as nail lacquer is added, by simply polishing a layer over your nail. They contain many nutrients and chemicals that improve the nails, by both hydrating the nails to prevent cracking and breaking and bonding to strengthen the nails. They also can give a protective barrier to protect the nail against further damage. Some of the ingredients of nail strengtheners include calcium, fluoride, protein fortifiers, iron and silk. Some good products include Sally Hansen Nail Hardening Polish, OPIs Nail Envy formula, or the Develop 10 Program Nail Strengthening formula.

2. Nail Strengthening Creams In addition to nail strengthening polishes, you can also use creams that have been designed to prevent and improve dry brittle nails. These contain vitamins and nutrients to help make your nails stronger, and should be massaged into the nails on a daily basis. The Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream, the Ecrinal Nail Strengthening Cream, or the Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream are all excellent products that you should check out.

3. Nail Strengthening Systems In addition to simple nail strengtheners, you can also purchase full nail strengthening systems. These contain several products to give a multi-step approach to strengthening your nails. Usually the first step of the process is to hydrate and moisturize the nails. Next the moisture is locked in to the nail, and then the nail is hardened with a strengthening product. Many brands have nail strengthening systems such as these, including Develop 10, Essie, SkinSkin and Sally Hansen.

Trying out one of these systems and using them on a regular basis can help to improve the health of your nails. Your nails will grow stronger and will have a natural and healthy look. When deciding which product to use, think about what problems you have had in the past with your nails. Different products work better for different problems. Are your nails brittle? Do they break too easily? Just dry overall? Think about all of these questions and choose a product that suits your needs best.

Once you start using a nail strengthening product you may never have to get false nails put on again.


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