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Beauty, Life and the Philosophy Skin Care Line

Confucius once said that “Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Women, especially, forget their own beauty at times. With the rigorous and unbelievable standards set by the fashion and entertainment industry trumpeted in all sorts of media, women feel helpless and unable to fight against the prevailing message.

It is a good thing that there are products out there who truly provide hope for us. Even the quirky and thoughtful names of the different skin care systems say it all. I am talking about the beauty line by Philosophy- Hope, Purity, Hope In A Jar, Help Me, When Hope Is Not Enough, On A Clear Day, Miracle Worker, these are just some products in the array of skin care regimens recommended by Philosophy. The beauty line is reportedly in the list of Oprah Winfreys favorite things. Mine, too.

The Philosophy cosmetics company started out as a technology-minded and simple skincare line with distribution to dermatologists and cosmetic doctors in mind and developed its line as a fierce industry leader in effective skin care. It has an amazing collection of products which really work and are tested and proven effective.

If you are new to the Philosophy skin care line, get to know everything about the skin condition that you have and search their products to find the appropriate one for you. It is easy. After all, the name says it all. But they do have exact systems for all skin types, which you can follow, if you want.

Since I have oily skin, my favorite Philosophy product to use in the morning are the Purity Made Simple cleanser and Never Let Them See You Shine primer. It makes my pores look smaller and nonexistent. It makes applying make-up a breeze. The foundation just glides on, after you put the primer on. I feel like I have baby-smooth skin.

At night, I love to use the When Hope Is Not Enough facial firming serum. During the weekends, I try to use the Microdelivery Peel which is really great in exfoliating my skin to perfection. But when I do not have the time to be religious in my beauty rituals, I just put on The Great Mystery one-minute facial and I am good to go. Philosophy products have been consistent bestsellers and are highly recommended by editors and beauty magazines all over the world.

And the shower gels smell terrific. When you use them, you feel like a candy unwrapped, you just cannot help but love yourself.

I love the Philosophy line and once youve tried it, you will too. The products themselves are great and the message they are sending across along with the products make us even feel better. In their website, Philosophy defined their brand as one “that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view, while celebrating the beauty of the human spirit.” Who can argue with that?


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