Best ways to remove facial hair


Removing facial hair is delicate, since the skin of the face is much gentler than say leg skin.

You can never settle for shaving facial hair, since the result will be the regrowth of thicker and darker hairs.

The methods that you can use to deal with undesired facial hair are numerous, each one leaving skin hair-free for a period varying from several days to several years. Select the facial hair removal strategy that is best suited to your needs and skin type.

* Depilatory products *
You can use one of the numerous depilatory creams, gels and foams available. These will spare your facial skin from the dehydration that shaving causes. Before you apply these products, you must carry out a skin test. Apply the product over a small portion of skin to check whether any reddening or inflammation occurs. Your skin might be too sensitive for the usage of such substances. In such cases refrain from using depilatory creams. Keep in mind that these products act in a manner similar to shaving and hairs will start growing again after several days.

* Waxing *
Waxing is probably one of the most popular hair removal methods. It produces long-lasting results. The problem with waxing is that the method is very aggressive and could lead to the inflammation of the gentle facial skin.

One of the biggest waxing advantages is that the effect lasts for several weeks and hair starts growing back thinner and softer. You can use either hot or cold waxing, both options available for home use.

If you want to get excellent results, it will be best to visit a beauty studio where a professional will perform the procedure.

* Tweezing *
The effect of tweezing is similar to the effect of waxing. Its advantage is that removing one hair at a time will diminish skin irritation. The setback of tweezing is that the procedure is too slow to carry out.

Tweezing is most suitable for smaller areas and for softer hair. It can be performed at home and the effect lasts for at least two weeks.

* Electrolysis *
Electrolysis is a hair removal method which is said to produce permanent results. You can get it from a professional only. In the process, a fine needle is used. Electrical current passes through it to destroy the root of hair. Keep in mind that electrolysis is expensive and somehow painful.

* Laser depilation *
Laser depilation produces results that last for a period of several years.

The setback of laser depilation is that it is expensive, time consuming and to get results, you will need to carry out six to eight procedures. The laser is used to destroy the root of hair. The process is painless.

Laser depilation cannot be used in the case of white or fair hairs. These lack the melanin needed to absorb the light energy of the laser and to turn it into heat that destroys hairs.

Laser depilation machines for home use are already available, though many question the result that these are able to


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