Care tips for oily skin


Having oily skin can feel like a real curse for the one who possesses it.


While the skin requires non-stop moisturizing, the person who has such skin type can never seem to find the perfect product and skin break-outs are just around the corner for them. Oily skin is that which glows only with a dense layer of naturally produced oil, is thick and has a perpetual dull color, all attributes that one would never wish to face. Where it seems difficult for one to care for sensitive skin, it is just as hard to maintain this type.

Oily skin generally takes its birth from the age of adolescence where hormonal imbalances are at their rise. With the aging of the skin the production of the oil producing glands decreases but while they exist, the skin is a bane to manage.

– The best part is its slow process of aging as the oil layer prevents wrinkles from forming for a long time.

– The best tip would be to remove all oil based products from one’s reach if they possess an even slightly oily skin. Even makeup products should be those that leave a matte effect over the skin surface.

– Though oily skin requires cleaning the entire day round but too much washing can recreate more oil as the skin gets stimulated while massaging. A maximum of 3 face washings should be made in throughout the whole day and when doing so, use only hot water so that the oil residues are completely removed.

– Use an antiseptic base cream both before applying makeup and sleeping reduce oil secretions

– Mud in the true nature is a drying ingredient but at the same time includes natural balancing ingredients. Applying a mud mask could help reduce oil formations for a few hours.

– Soft drinks are the biggest enemy for oily skin types due to its sugar content which too should be reduced in consumption.

– If you eat oily foods then it’s a given that your body will produce oil and with all that combined, your skin will suffer with double the quantity. Therefore cut down on the junk foods and the deep fried snacks.

– A good amount of sleep is a need without say, so one must invest in a good 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep to relax the pores and allow them for oxygen.


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