Does laser hair removal hurt?


Many people might like the idea of getting laser hair removal but be scared of the pain that they think comes with it.


They might think that it hurts a lot because of the fact that a laser is used. Or they might think that it is the same type of laser that is used for removing tattoos, which can be very painful. The fact is that it really isnt all that painful for most areas. As well as it being the best method of permanent hair removal as well.

A lot of people say that the pain is less than having hair waxed, which in itself isnt all that painful after the initial shock. Similarly the pain from laser removal fades quickly after the hair is removed. It doesnt even have the lingering sting that waxing can leave you for a few minutes afterward. The most painful area is generally the face, because there are more nerve endings under the surface of the skin there than in most other places. A lot of hair removal places will usually administer a topical anesthetic if you think you might need one, or if the area if particularly sensitive.

The most important thing to do first is to find a reputable clinic.

Because in a lot of places you dont need to have any qualifications to perform this kind of procedure, there are a lot of clinics that tend to spring up from time to time that could be unsafe. Many countries also have very little legislation in place for this kid of thing compared to for example a doctor. So going to a clinic that is affiliated with a chain of clinics, or that someone else has recommended to you is a good ides.

Some places will instead of using an anesthetic use an ice pack to numb the area before they start. This is usually just as effective as an anesthetic, although sometimes a little more uncomfortable. In the majority of cases little other pain relief is needed. In fact a lot of people are surprised by how little it actually does hurt after they have had it done.

The time it will take for the laser removal to be done depends obviously on how large the area is that is being done.


It can also vary depending on how thick the hair is that is being removed. Typically however the actual laser isnt used for much longer then it would take to wax an approximate area the same size. An of course laser removal is a lot more effective than waxing.

After the laser has been used the skin beneath will be sensitive for a few days and shouldnt be exposed to direct sunlight. It will usually be around a week before the skin is feeling completely normal again, and you can resume normal activities. There are also usually products that are either included in the service, or can be bought at the clinic that will help the skin to return to normal again.

The last thing to remember is that if you have had an area adjacent to an area with hair. For example if you have had a bikini line done but not the upper legs, then you should be wary of friction and rubbing between the two areas. This usually doesnt happen of course, but after the laser removal the skin is very sensitive for a few days.


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