Hair removal: Is shaving OK?



With so many different forms of hair removal, you may ask yourself this very question. Shaving is the oldest form of removing unwanted hair, but you may find your skin gets irritated easily by shaving. Looking into other methods of removing hair is a personal decision. Another important thing to think about is, just where is the hair that you want removed placed on your body? Different locations can be more sensitive to an old fashioned razor and you may want to learn different methods.

Of course shaving is OK, and is a good way to remove unwanted hair.

Depending on your skins sensitivities you just need to learn the proper ways of doing it. For starters, you NEVER want to shave your skin dry! This can and most likely will cause some unsightly razor burn and be very uncomfortable. Shave in the shower towards the end of your shower or bath when you skin has absorbed plenty of moisture.

Then when you get out of the shower or bath moisturize your skin well. This can help stop razor burn! You also want to remember to shave the way the hair grows in. Going over the hair in the correct direction of the hair growth is the best way to avoid any irritations.

If you are just sick of shaving every day, there are other options available to you. You can give some of these hair removal methods to find the one that best suits you.

Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal

Again depending on where the hair you want removed it determines the best hair removal treatment for you. Since some areas are much more sensitive then others, you want to treat each area the bes t you can to prevent irritating your skin.

Shaving is fine, you just need to moisturize your skin well before putting a razor to it! The most common areas one wants to remove hair from, either a man or a woman, are the following.

Pubic Area

Ea ch area is different and requires different care. The eyebrows in my opinion should never be shaved! Rather they should be tweezed or waxed. Shaving does have to be done frequently because the hair grows back rather fast. The bottom line is of course shaving is OK. It has been done for so many years and is practices every day by millions of people. Just never shave on dry skin because it will cause skin to be irritated and cause razor burn!


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