Health risks that you might not know about


Risk is everywhere around us.


Our health faces risks all the time too. At home or in any interior places, you face the risk of falling down, tripping down, chemicals injury to your body, accidental consumption of wrong food, choking, fire injury and so on. Outside the home or in outdoor, you faces the risk of knocking down by vehicles, accidental assault, natural disaster such as strike by lightning, earthquake, typhoon and so on. We cannot escape risks totally, but we can reduce risks on our part, as by taking precaution in whatever things that we do.

Those risk that we face are all external.


They are all accidental health risks that we can possibly face in our lives, whether you are a child, teenage, adults or old people. Besides accidental health risks, other health risks that we face could be the short-term health risks and the long-term health risks.

Our body are in constant touch with foreign objects in our surroundings. All these foreign objects are all health risks to us. From food preparation to cooking and eating of food, there are already health risks involved in every steps that we do. For example, food that are not washed properly such as vegetables might contain parasites eggs from soil particles on the vegetables. These eggs might hatch into parasites in our stomach(favourable condition for them). Meat that we eat if they are not cooked properly will still have parasites exist in them. So when these meat are eaten, our health is at risks risks of parasite infestation in our body. Parasites can compete with our body for nutrition and it can also cause sickness to us and sometimes can even be fatal.

Besides parasites, other potential health risks from food we eat are germs.

When seafood and poultry products are not washed properly or when they are not fresh, they have germs the bad bacteria in them, that can cause people to suffer from symptoms of food poisoning after consumption of them. Sometimes, besides improper food handling, ignorance can also cause us to have risks of our health, as in food poisoning when eaten food that is kept in the fridge for too long, or even food consume after left over in the room for a long period of time. These are short-term health risks. They cause immediate results to our body.

Other examples of short-term health risks that we face are allergies. Eating food that our body cannot accept such as seafood or eggs for some people can have immediate rashes, and watery and red eyes and other symptoms for some


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