How cosmetic tooth bonding is done


As an anti-cosmetic surgery advocate it was surprising to discover that the procedure, at which the dentist described as more of a filling, was in truth cosmetic tooth bonding.

Even on the insurance bill, the process was described as a filling. As a patient undergoing cosmetic tooth bonding I barely would have noticed the difference between my cavity and my tooth enlargement. Cosmetic tooth bonding is available for individuals who have minor imperfections such as chipped, spotted, uneven, or discolored teeth.

Once the mouth is jacked up on Novocain around the area undergoing the bonding, its time for the procedure to begin! Its not as complicated as one would think. In my experience, I had no appointment for the bonding. I was there for my last weekly check on my freshly realigned smile. I was unhappy with the size of my canines so my dentist squeezed me right in to his schedule and I was out of there within the hour.

The most unpleasant part of the procedure is the first, and that is the tooth roughening.


This does not hurt but gives off an unpleasant odor as no smell can be too charming when it is being filed from bone. After the roughening of the tooth, a gel is applied soon followed by bonding primer, resin, and what truly makes your new smile sparkle, composite. This composite is made up of inorganic fillers. These inorganic fillers contain photo-initiators as well as quarts, glass, and silicon dioxide.

The composite does not magically shape your tooth to perfection.

It requires the dentists careful manipulation to sculpt and buff. The composite also comes in many shades of color to match the rest of your smile. As in my case, there wasnt quite a match so he instructed me to buy Crest Whitening Strips. These strips do not dye the bonded tooth but will dye the rest of the smile to help match the composite.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding lasts a great deal of time for the minute length at which is requires to successfully complete the procedure. I know that I am increasingly happy with my smile and never regretted my decision to undergo the process even though I was a little slow to figure out it was all for aesthetics.


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