How to care for your newborns skin


Babies have very sensitive skin.


When you are holding your newborn in your arms, you may notice how fragile and easily irritated their skin seems. Many newborn babies either have dry skin almost immediately, or suffer from dry skin by the time theyre six months old. As a parent, here are tips that Ive learned to help to care for your babys dry skin.

Dress for Success

Babies have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by fabrics. When picking baby clothes, pick out clothes that feel good as well as look good. Natural fabrics are best. My babies were always happiest in cotton (organic when possible). Natural fabrics breathe better than synthetic fabrics, and so allow better circulation on your babys delicate skin. Cotton helps your baby to stay at the right temperature rather than getting cold or over-heated.


Moisturizing your babys skin can both help their dry skin and be a great bonding experience for the two of you. Babies benefit from skin to skin contact, and rubbing lotion or oil into their skin helps to make sure that they get this comforting touch. When choosing a moisturizer for your babys skin, I recommend buying not just a natural product, but one that is certified organic. Chemicals can easily irritate or be absorbed by your babys skin, so it really is worth buying a good organic product. You can use either an organic oil (Green People or Burts Bees). Make sure to spread it gently.

Dont Over Circulate

My skin is easily dried out by central heating, standing in front of a fan, or spending time out in the wind. If I can feel it affecting my skin, then think how it feels to a newborn. Make sure than your babys bed is not directly next to any heating vents, heaters, or fans. Angle car vents off of them so that the air isnt blowing directly in their faces, and consider putting up a shade on strollers on very windy days.

Seek Help if Needed

If your babys dry skin seems painful, inflamed, or otherwise worrying, dont hesitate to consult your pediatrician or other healthcare provider. My daughter developed eczema when she was still only a small baby, and it was very helpful to talk to our doctor, get it properly diagnosed, and get advice. If youre worried about your babys skin, talk to someone about it.


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