How to remove temporary hair color


Temporary hair colour can be a fun way to try something new with your looks.

It is also helpful for finding out if a colour is right for you without making a permanent commitment right away. Unfortunately, temporary hair colour has a horrible way of getting on everything your pillow case, your clothes, even your furniture. Your shocking blue hair has faded, leaving you with blueberry muffin head. What do you do to make the nightmare end?


1. Wash It Away

A lot of products promise temporary hair colour for 6-12 washes. Usually, its less. With some reds they last longer especially if you have lighter hair to begin with. Pick a strong shampoo, for instance a chlorine stripper designed to remove chlorine from swimmers hair or a dandruff shampoo. Wash your hair several times until the colour is removed! Were talking a wrinkly wet commitment here. Youll have to wash your hair and let it dry about 10-15 times. After you are finished, and not before, condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner. All the washing will leave your hair dry and fly-away otherwise!

2. Swim for the Win

If you have a pool or hot-tub, you are set. Hair dye will fade quickly in chlorinated water. Swim for hours. Hang on the side of the pool or hot tub with your hair in the water. Afterwards, wash your hair a few times and condition it thoroughly.

3. Turn to the Professionals.

If all else fails, go to a professional hair dresser and have them dye your hair back to your normal colour with professional dyes. This way you wont have to re-touch roots when your normal hair starts to grow back in. Your hair stylist may also have a dye remover on hand to remove the colour for you instead of dying your hair.

4. Use a Commercial Product

Most drug stores will offer a chemical hair-dye remover. This is a last resort as the removers are harsh and may burn or damage your hair. While at the store be sure to also buy a hot-oil conditioner or hair serum to help repair the damage afterwards.

5. Hit the Fridge

Lemon juice and vinegar make a mighty mixture for removing hair dye. Mix together a cup of vinegar and a cup of lemon juice. Completely drench your head and sit out in the sun to help it dry. When the mixture is dry, wash your hair. Let your hair dry, and repeat. Do this 2-3 times a day until your hair returns to its normal colour.

6. Start Fresh

Probably the most dramatic solution, but trendy if you have the cheek bones for it. Yes, Im talking about shaving your head. This solution is great for boys and men, and for girls who dont mind the Sinead OConnor look.

7. Preventative Measures

A bit of research may save you from future hair disasters. Buy your products wisely. Different temporary hair colours will last longer. Look for rinses formulated to last 3-6 washes only. Other dyes such as Manic Panic are designed to be semi-permanent and will last longer with truer colour. Most importantly, be sure to dye a test strip of your hair first. I know, youve got the dye and are itching for a change. You are itching to dye your hair right away! Show some will power and instead dye a small strip of hair you can easily hide if necessary. Some dyes look great in the bottle or on the box, but shades will vary depending on your existing hair colour!


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