How to survive your first tattoo


You want a tattoo- youve decided you dont care that everyone who looks at you will be wondering where you did your prison time.


Youve decided you dont care about things like getting a job that pays well or having the sort of friends who wont get you involved in a bank heist.

Im assuming youve put enough money aside for the tattoo, and for the more expensive process of removing the tattoo. You might also put enough money aside to support yourself for the long periods of unemployment you can expect as a tattooed person.

You also need good medical insurance to cover possible medical complications from your tattoo. Various infections are possible.

Only get a tattoo done by a professional.

Make sure their license is current if your state requires that. If it doesnt, get your tattoo done in a state that does. If you have the slightest sign of an infection afterwards, go to a doctor.

The best approach to surviving your first tattoo, however, is not to get a real one. A fake tattoo will make you look like an escaped convict just as easily, and you can wash it off when you get sick of it.


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