And, of course, if youre light colored, itll be very easy to get rid of unwanted dark hair, which is why laser hair removalhair removal.


Tired of old, painful waxing that leads only to new hair growth after a week? Forget the pain: as technology advances, you can have unwanted hair removed with LASERS these days. The result: your dark (or light) hair is the only one that goes away after this procedure, leaving normal hair untouched. Laser hair removalHOW IT WORKS:The laser is configured for a specific wavelength to target certain colors of your hair, which is usually the dark pigment. This damages surrounding tissues and may cause irritation in the area.HOW IT IS BETTER THAN OTHER METHODS:Many people notice that laser removal works better and the effect lasts longer than any other method theyve used before, which is why its definitely a thing to try out for yourself. Designed for areas like chest, legs, arms, bikini lines, etc.

laser hair removalThe downside to laser hair removal is the cost: Having a bill for a laser hair removal waxing

round $700/hr. After the laser has been configured with the appropriate settings, it causes thermal reactions to affect the hair follicle during the process. after each treatment is not something everyone can afford. In theory, the laser beam has to be four times as large as your hair is deep, which can be determined before the treatment during the set-up process. Also, blonde and red hairs are no trap for laser technology: you can still have the right


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