Possible side effects of laser hair removal



As a light skinned person, who is interested in getting Laser Hair Removal, I am always looking into the potential benefits, and the side effects, -especially, the possibility that I might be burned!

(By the way, I have experienced many, different side effects from most of the other safe and traditional hair removal methods)!

First, I will weigh the possible side effects of Laser Hair Removal. Finally, I hope to decide if Im going to bet the farm, by trying the latest and greatest, Laser Hair Removal methods!

PLEASE, before listing the possible side effects, I would hope that a person uses: common sense: I sure hope that after reading this article, that a person will be more encouraged to choose a doctor with: the right credentials, along with a good track record (and, -not just because theyre the cheapest doctors in town)!

(1) FIRST SIDE EFFECT: I have read that there are short-term side effects, including redness and swelling. These are usually temporary and, as a rule -go away within one week.

(2) SECOND SIDE EFFECT: One should note that a person can truly get burned, from having this procedure -and not just from your burning pocket book! It is a rare, but strange phenomenon that (usually darker) peoples skin can get burned, if the skin absorbs the laser rays, instead of the hair follicle. You see, the darker skin absorbs the suns rays (when tanning) -so, I guess it makes some sense that this might happen while receiving Laser Hair Removal. What will happen if the skin does burn? Well, I will now try to explain this, along with other Laser Hair Removal side effects:

(3) THIRD SIDE EFFECT: This third, and more permanent side effect of blotching (or changes in pigment) can happen (especially, with darker skin). Thankfully, they say that this side effect, rarely happens! I will define the two types of changes in pigment, that may occur: Hyper-pigmentation and Hypo-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation is defined as: the darkening of skin that might occur after laser hair removal treatment (similar to getting an uneven suntan). The opposite of the uneven suntan effect, is called: Hypo-pigmentation, which is defined: the lightening of skin that might (rarely) happen, after a laser hair removal treatment.

(4) FOURTH SIDE EFFECT: The Laser Hair Removal method does not completely (or permanently) remove the hair, as promised. Note: These ads also say that


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