Product reviews: TRIA Laser hair removal system


The Tria home laser hair removal system is a product that is getting a huge boost in buzz thanks to its FDA approval as a legitimate permanent hair removal solution.


Hype aside, the question is not only if it will work, but will it work for you, is it safe, and does it make sense for you to buy? Laser hair removal is a proved method for permanent results, but those results are not equal for all, and in some cases the Tria nor any laser hair removal system will work.

The basic premise of laser hair removal is that the laser reacts with the melanin in skin to work its way to the root of hair follicles which it then burns out so the hair will not grow back. The theory is simple and it works well for most people. Before we go any further lets discuss who it will work the best for and who it is not suited for. People that have very fair skin and dark hair are the best candidates to achieve successful results. People with light hair -natural blonds specifically, and people with dark skin are the worst candidates. The laser simply has too much trouble identifying the are to be affected or in the cases of those with dark skin the laser may cause burns to the skin rather than the follicle root.

The Tria laser hair remover has one thing going for it aside from FDA approval which is of extreme importance and that is safety.

Before the unit will emit a beam you have to remove the base of the unit and hold it against your skin until you get the green light. It takes about a second. You then hold it up to the main body of the unit that contains the laser so the green light triggers the red light on the unit to go green. You put the charger back in its place and you are ready to go.

The Tria has three settings low, medium, and high. Low is the least effective but also the least painful.

Medium works pretty well for most people, but of course the high setting is really the best. While I anticipated pain akin to what Ive experienced from commercial laser hair removal units, the pain associated to the Tria on the high setting wasnt too bad, no worse than a rubber band being snapped against your skin. Some may tolerate pain a little worse than others, but the Tria isnt so much pain as mild discomfort you adjust to rather quickly.

The Tria is easy to work with and it only took about 40 minutes to completely finish one leg I have a particularly long leg so for others it may go quicker. There were no hitches in the the Trias use nor were there any moments it seemed as if


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