Should we focus on health rather than health care?


The health care system in the United States of America is nearly bankrupt.


The cause of the problems facing the health care have been the government, the insurance companies, the health care profession, and the people who abuse the system. In the process, the relationship between the Physician and the patient has been undermined. The biggest victim has been preventive health even though we are the masters of our own health.

In these uncertain times, We The People must unite and take a hard look at ourselves.


We must concentrate on our health and make choices which will favour our health. The choices we make in favour of our health will help us in the long run. It will also ease the financial burden on a health care system that is already overtaxed and overburdened.

It is important to discuss the ways people can focus on health instead of health care. The discussion does not supplant health care as it is recommended that people visit their doctors regularly.

We start by choosing the foods and fruits that should be consumed.


The people should start by doing away with the refined sugar that is white in colour but actually has chemicals. The same applies for the sugar substitutes which does not help the body. The people who are diabetics may have to find a diet that will help them. The milk that people drink should be fat free milk instead of the 2% or the whole milk.

It is highly recommended that red meat be either eliminated or limited in favour of vegetables, chicken, and turkey. It is these foods that are good for your health. I also recommend Pomegranate Juice which is also good for the heart and is a natural cholesterol reducer. It is also recommended that Eggplant Water be used as well for those reduction of cholesterol.

For those who do not like pomegranate and eggplant water, grapefruit in its form as a fruit or as a juice cuts the fat inside the body. The various teas including green tea and jasmine tea have properties that promote good health and relaxation.

It is also recommended that people do not eat three large meals and then sleep or sit in front of a television screen.


The reason is that this type of sedentary behaviour encourages bad health. I could remember during my trip to the Peoples Republic of China in 2008, people would eat little and little meals. Afterwards, the people would walk in order to reduce whatever fat or intake that was inside the body.

The programme called Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night are programmes which are designed to remove the negative influences within a person and promotes mental health. In the last case, mental health care would only be used as a last resort.

The Commonwealth of Kentuckys Health Care programme promotes preventive health by promoting preventive health care including discounts for the use of physical fitness centers. The ways of focusing in health instead of health care are numerous and deserve to be explored.


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