Should we focus on health rather than health care?


It seems today that too many people in the US believe that they should routinely go to the doctor and that whatever that doctor says goes and that is where their thoughts about their own health stop.

I believe in preventative health. For me, this means that I eat balanced meals, figure out what my body needs, take herbs when necessary, and stay physically active, as well as maintaining spirituality and continuing to challenge my mind.

If humans take a moment to pay attention, most of the time we know when something is off balance in our bodies. When you get used to paying attention to your body, it should become as obvious a shift as a tire falling off your car while driving down the highway.

Many times a food craving is telling you something as simple as your body needing more fat or more vegetables.


You may have a craving for fast food to signify that you need more fat. If you understand that your body needs fat, then you can go and choose a healthier way to meet that need than fast food.

I feel that I am young enough to get a grip on my own health and old enough to really start paying attention. If I develop healthy habits now, then, in theory, I wont have to eliminate everything from my diet when Im 65 and find myself on 12 different prescription medications. I have been watching the people in my life and I have decided that my best defense is to be as healthy as I can be and make solid choices now, that will benefit me into the future.

I maintain an average weight and a good muscle tone through yoga, hiking, snowshoeing, and general activity at work and at home.


My body seems to function best on a diet of mostly pasta and vegetables, with protein two or three times a week. I drink a lot of water and green and white tea as well as coffee. I never drink soft drinks or juice with high fructose corn syrup. When I do drink juices, I only buy Bolthouse Farms all natural juices, which are high in potassium and vitamins and low in extra stuff your body does not need. Naked juices are also excellent. I know coffee is not the best thing for me, but I love it and I cant be good all the time! I do try to maintain my health mostly wih diet. I do my best not to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary.

I know that no plan is perfect, but I do believe that it is best to be aware of your body and it is best not to be relying on prescription medication for the rest of your life. I think that all humans should take better notice and care for their bodies, minds and spirits. The more aware of yourself that you are the better the health professionals can care for you!


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