Skin care: Why it is important to dry your skin well


When it comes to skin care, most people focus on the importance of washing the skin.


And indeed, washing is very important for sloughing off oil, dirt, and dead skin.  But what sometimes gets left out of the equation is how important it is to dry skin thoroughly.

Wet skin can actually cause acne.  One of the reasons for acne is bacteria living on the skin and clogging pores.  A wet environment fosters the growth of bacteria.  This is especially dangerous on areas like the back, where sometimes people get dressed before they are completely dry.  The wet skin trapped in clothes, especially in non-natural fibers like polyester or rayon, can not breathe and dry properly.  The skin then becomes a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

In fact, if you have problems with acne on your back of the variety that are small, clustered blemishes, it is likely that at least some of it is caused by skin that hasn’t been dried properly.  This can lead to confusion; it may seem as though the acne is persistent despite regular or even increased cleaning.  But if every time the area was cleaned it wasn’t dried properly, those extra cleanings may actually be making the problem worse.

The good news is that this problem is very easy to correct.


Simply make sure to rinse all soap off of your skin before you’re done with your shower or wash, and to dry your skin thoroughly.  One danger that might not be so obvious to those who shower and dress without thinking is wet hair.  For women especially, wet hair can get your back and chest wet even after you’ve already dried them once.  This can be misleading, because you might believe you have dried your skin thoroughly only to have it dampened by the water clinging to your hair.  One way to resolve this problem is to dry and style your hair before you get dressed.  That way you will be able to give your skin one last towel-off before you put your clothes on.

The importance of washing skin thoroughly is well-known.  But the fact is that drying skin thoroughly is just as important, even though its importance is often overlooked.  If you have problem acne, especially on your back, make sure that you are drying your skin thoroughly every time you shower, bathe, or wash.


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