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I purchased a TRIA Hair Removal System a few months ago and just finished my third and fourth course of treatments. I am excited to see that my body hair is becoming lighter and finer, especially on my bikini line and underarms. I am looking forward to eventual freedom from the hassle and expense of shaving and waxing.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the TRIA system, visit for more information. In this article, rather than going into the details of how TRIA works, I would like to share some tips and tricks for current or prospective TRIA users that I have discovered from my own use.

#1. Always charge the TRIA laser after every use.

One of the only drawbacks of the TRIA system is that the laser doesnt hold its charge for that long. When working on a large area, such as your legs, you may have to stop in the middle to charge the laser. However, because treating large areas can become tedious, this is often a welcome break. To help ensure that your laser doesnt power off while treating smaller areas, make sure to charge it after each use so that it is ready to go the next time around.

#2. Prepare the area well.

Part of the TRIA laser hair removal process includes shaving the area before treatment. I have found that the more carefully I shave, the less discomfort I experience during treatment. Take the time to get a close and complete shave and dry the area well before applying the laser and you should experience minimal discomfort.

#3. Experiment with the different energy levels.

If you are experiencing any discomfort, dont be afraid to select a lower energy level. While I was surprised to find that the pain involved was much less significant than I expected, I have found that certain areas (such as the bikini line) are more sensitive than others. I may be able to use the highest energy level on my legs or arms, but will go back to level one or two when treating my bikini line or underarms. The benefit of using the highest level is that it is most effective, but I would rather have to perform more treatments at a lower energy level than experience increased discomfort. Remember that some users experience no negative sensation at all and that any discomfort will decrease in future treatments along with the amount of hair.

#4. Track your treatments.

TRIA couldnt make this step easier for you. Included with your laser will be a handy, purse-sized calendar with stickers so that you can keep track of your treatments. It may seem unnecessary


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