What to do if your tattoo artist botches your tattoo


When you are getting a tattoo of course you are hoping to receive high quality work.


So what do you do when your tattoo artist botches your tattoo? Well first of make sure you do your research before getting your tattoo done. Make sure you check the tattoo artist portfolio of previous work. You want to see what he has done and what he is capable of doing before he places a needle into your body.

A tattoo is permanent! So it is really important in trying to stop this from happening before it happens. There is a surgical procedure that you can go through to remove tattoo, but it can also leave scarring and take several trips to do, up to 15!

If you already have the tattoo on you though you can try to not properly care for it and hope it lightens with the healing process. After it heals you can go to another tattoo artist and see about covering it up with a new tattoo.

There are some creams that claim to lighten skin and you can try some on your tattoo as well. There are really no instant cures for fixing your botched tattoo. It is something that you are going to have to live with and learn from for awhile.

So please make sure that you do your research on the tattoo artist that you are going to, it can prevent this from happening at all!


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